Tips for choosing the right Abaya

Abaya is not merely a part of clothing, but is something of sheer importance for the Muslim women, precisely in Arab countries. Today, one can trace its popularity in almost every part of the world where Muslim resides and this has also given new hopes to the world of Abaya by adding more new designs and different hues. While it is one of the most important clothes for respected women, there are many girls who still don’t much about abaya.

Many times, they belong from a western country where they grew up with the western culture. They only have a few basic pairs to wear as the part of the cultural celebration. If being a Muslim woman, you don’t know much about abaya and want to know how to choose the right ones, then we are sharing some of the best tips that can help you choose the right abaya to wear at all places even in the strict Muslim country.

  • Choosing the fabric

Abaya is available in diverse fabrics and you must opt for the one as per the season. When it is winters, choose for the abaya that is made of wool or thick fabric, and linen, cotton, and silk will go well for the summer season.

  • Don’t add too many accessories

There is a wide range of accessories that one can choose from to add an extra layer of beauty to their abaya, but adding too many accessories can take away the charm. Keep it minimal.

  • Choosing the right design

Apart from the fabric, now there are many new designs that are now available in abaya. You can now buy open abaya, symmetrical designs, gown ones, and more, but choose the one that goes well with your body type.

  • Avoid fitted Abaya

Fitted abaya is not considered good in many places for revealing the body shape. It also doesn’t serve the purpose of veiling the hair. So, avoid buying fitted abaya.

Now, with the rising popularity of abaya, one can shop abaya online too. Choose a store that provides a great variety and lots of colours.