The 3 Week Diet – A Curse or a Boon!

Many of us are quite familiar with the famous 3 week dietwhich consists of 3 phases. It basically comprises of spasmodic fasting along with deriving calories from healthy fatty foods which helps in burning off the fat.

Why is it so popular?

Many people around the world are constantly struggling to lose weight and the3 week dietis a book penned by Brian Flattwhichassures to do so, if you followed the instructions minutely within a span of only 21 days. Now we as human beings are mostly allured to something that guarantees profit within the minimal time. You might find so many diet plans online but in 3 week diet plan there is a step by step plan for more effectiveness.

The 3 week diet reviews

Things we liked about the book –

The 3 week diet reviews are mostly positive which are flaunted all over the official website.

  • The instructions are vivid and if obeyedsternly can really help shedding some weight within the promised duration.
  • Apart from abstaining from certain foods it also conductsguidelines for physical exercises. Therefore it will eventually make us trimmer and fitter.
  • The bookdoes not intensify on detox juices, rather it edifies it ‘users to focus on wholesome nutritious foods.

Is it really worth the hype?

  • The diet plan is all about self control as we have to fast some days and eat accordingly next day. People suffering from metabolismailments may find it difficult to fast.
  • A low range of foods which can be consumed is given in the book. However an individual may get tiresome after devouring similar food spontaneously for 3 months.
  • Supplements are also to be consumed along with all these and some people may find it difficult buying supplement time and again.

The final interpretationofthe diet plan depends upon the Dieter’s self dedication to lose weight.