Snapchat & Texting Are Illegal in Teens and Must be Banned

While browsing on the internet search engine of your computer for query search, you might have come across some picture or message which might have let you feel shame while sitting with your children, but it was not your fault because you had no intention to see that picture or to read that message. Internet use has facilitated the sender of the kind of sexually explicit materials to any computer through the use of internet technology. This is an open thing in the modern times for which websites and mobile applications have a big role to play.


Some stunning results

The study was conducted on this issue and it was found that snapchat users were mainly millennials. Thus, the millennial population is most involved in these kinds of practices. You might have heard of snapchat which also promoted sexting in the young generation and mostly teens. A study conducted in 2009 observed that four percent of teens in the age group of 14-17 years and senders of sexually explicit pictures used their own pictures for this purpose and fifteen percent of the teens in the same age range have received this kind of pictures.

Who is responsible?

Who is responsible for all these activities? You can’t blame to these innocent teens because they are immature to understand the reality of sex and some websites like and many other platforms are inducing sex fun in the innocent brains of these teens. The snapchat has enhanced sexting, but teens are trapped. They are unaware of the consequences because they see a fun.  Sexting through snapchat is popular. Joke sexting is highly prevalent and exchange of sexually explicit adult jokes is a usual activity among present generation.

Legal issues

Sexting is illegal before the age of majority even with the consent of both parties. It is considered as sexual harassment in the eyes of law, but who cares unless law imposes a restriction.