Know About the Latest Features Of FIFA 18

FIFA 18 has been recently launched and it is an even bigger hit than all its previous versions. Thanks to EA sports for adding some extra new features to the game which has made the game even more interesting for all the players out there. If you want to try out FIFA 18 then you can easily get hold of the Fifa 18 Download file on your device and you will be good to go. If you already have a gaming console then you may not need the FIFA 18 download file unless you want it on your PC as well. FIFA 18 download is the best way of playing this game for the people who do not own a gaming console like the PS4, Switch or Xbox one.

Fifa 18 Download

The Latest Features of FIFA 18

Here you go with all the latest features of FIFA 18:

  1. Previously the legendary players were only available on Xbox one which deprived the pS4 players of adding them in their gameplay but with FIFA 18 that complains is forever solved. Now even the PS4 players can add the historic players in their gameplay.


  1. FIFA 18 has also introduced the real player motion technology in their game which unlocks the next level of player personality and responsiveness. It because of this feature that now you can find all your favorite players moving exactly like the way they do in the real life pitch. Even the animations of the game are enhanced that each of the players looks real.


  1. The atmosphere of the game has also been enhanced and it feels real with the crowd hooting when you score a goal.


  1. Now you can even play the World Cup with the help of the FIFA 18. You can download the World Cup game in your Ps4, PC, Switch and Xbox one.


So these are some of the coolest and the new features that have been added in the FIFA 18.