How to maintain Good Grades in ENEM Essay Writing

Essay writing is the most popular way of testing English language skills of students in various entrance exams and for other people in essay writing contests on various themes. Why essay writing is given importance? There are valid reasons because essay writing the effective way not only for testing language skills but also in the subject theme. Essay writing provides idea about individual’s in-depth knowledge about the theme and the ways how an individual expresses this knowledge. Thus, essay writing is popular everywhere across the globe.

Essay writing for ENEM

Essay writing is an essential component of competitive or entrance exams, especially when these exams are designed for high school level students and specifically for college or university admissions.


Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio (ENEM) is a standard entrance exam for evaluation of high school students in Brazil which is held every year usually in early November and large number of students appear in this exam. This exam includes essay writing, an essential composition content, apart from testing on various subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, and Portuguese language for which multiple-choice questions are designed.

Maintaining good grades in ENEM

Essay writing has most impact on grades because multiple choice questions offer chance to get full score. Many students usually lose their score in composition part which is essay writing. Students always want to maintain their grades on higher side and that’s why they take help in essay writing through Redação Online. This is an effective platform the specialists on which evaluate ENEM essays and resubmit with corrections and necessary instructions for improvement. Redação ENEM essay can help a student to improve essay writing skills. The essay is easy to submit on online platform or in paper-written form. Specialist teachers evaluate submitted essays to ensure that you receive full marks in composition part. Redação is, therefore, the best help.