How to choose dog fences for your dogs?

There are lots of reasons why you need an invisible fence for dogs. You may have moved to a fenceless community and your dog often run out. Another it can provide you protection from trespassers. There will be lot of reasons why you actually need one. But when buying one choose something that will suit your lifestyle. These electric fences are often better than physical ones. They give your dog much larger space to roam around. You have to consider lot of things when you are choosing fences for your dog. Here are the things that need to taken into consideration when choosing wireless dog fence:

  1. Dog size: There are different models available for larger and small dogs. So the choice will depend upon the size of your dog. You have to choose the right setting of the static correction depending upon the size.
  2. Models compare: Models depend upon what size of your yard you are allocating to your dog. You will find lots of model options available like flexible or closed ones.
  3. Battery lifeline: Some of the wireless systems have rechargeable battery options available that can last up to 1 to 3 days. You don’t want your dog to run out of the boundary line because the collar didn’t have much charge to it. So make sure that it has long lasting battery life. Also charge it on a regular basis.
  4. Correction adjustments: remember the static correction levels will be different for different sizes of the dogs. The static correction level for larger dog is often more for smaller one. So choose fence that has adjustable static correction options installed to it.
  5. Roaming area: Depending upon your yard size you can choose the model accordingly. You can reset the roaming area using transmitter.