Great Contribution of Al Hollywood for Charleston Boxing

Boxing is one of the leading international sports like wrestling that has global fans. Many boxing champions on amateur and professional levels are held every year. United States is one of the countries that hold these championships, and many prominent professional boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, Joe Louis, George Foreman, Rocky Marciano, Evander Holyfield, and Oscar de la Hoya have been associated with the United States. Charleston in South Carolina is one of the main places to train many professional boxers. The credit of this training goes to Charleston Boxing Club, a well-known non-profit organization involved in imparting professional training to youth in the field of boxing sport.

Al “Hollywood” Meggett’s Contribution to Charleston

Mr. Al “Hollywood” Meggett, a New York-based professional boxer is a man behind the fame of boxing club Charleston SC who made Charleston his home, instead of New York, to truly serve the youth community of Charleston and making them great boxers. He has been in the Charleston for over thirty years and worked for boxing Charleston SC. Maggett has been calling the shots at this club in Charleston and imparting skills of boxing to the Charleston youth community by teaching tricks and tactics of punches in boxing sport. Meggett has been loved by the boxing fans for long 34 years in Charleston. He also opened boxing gym Charleston SC. His aims are big and he wants to create something very positive for the youth community in Charleston because this place is his home ever since he left New York. Maggett won the fight without gloves while battling with lung cancer. You can understand how great this man is?

Meggett’s obligations

Charleston, and especially Charleston Boxing Club, has lot of obligations of Al Hollywood who earned fame for this club by his skills and voluntary service for boxing sport and this fame will be forever in future.