E-cigarette Versus Regular Smoking

Smokers are aware of the health hazards of regular smoking but you are living in a modern era where you have safer options like vaping and e-cigaretter that can reduce hazards of smoking to a great extent, although many people are not aware of these safer options or consider these options to be more expansive compared to regular smoking. If you compare the real worth of e-cigarettes against regular smoking, you will find that its benefits overweigh its drawbacks. The foremost benefit is its less harmlessness from its regular use. The initial cost of its purchase may be more but it costs less because of its use for long years by refilling the liquids.

Ecigaret Land

New generation smoking habit

The traditional cigarettes are gradually losing charm among modern era smokers because of certain reasons. The first one is the availability of safer options like cigarette that use safe e-væske instead of tobacco. Secondly, medical practitioners and health organizations are discouraging regular smoking because of increasing number of lung cancer cases in cigarette smoking countries. New generation is getting more educated and an awareness is being created among youth about the hazards of cigarette smoking. There are medications and rehab programs for those who willingly wish to quit smoking. All these factors play a significant role to discourage regular smoking and to promote Ecigaret Land use.

Regular smoking vs e-cigarette

The above discussion provides ample evidence that new generation is inclined towards use of e-cigarettes for their smoking habits because this is advantageous over regular smoking.

  • E-cigarette involves inhalation of vapor instead of smoke and is therefore, less harmful compared to regular smoking.
  • E-cigarette liquid is refillable that not only costs less but lets you enjoy multiple flavors by using different liquid compositions every time, the benefits that are not available in regular smoking.
  • E-cigarette doesn’t restrict you to nicotine use unlike regular smoking. Instead, you can avoid nicotine in e-cigarette.