E-cigarette Is Not an Effective Tool to Quit Smoking

Electronic smoking is a growing trend in modern times due to sales of electronic smoking devices on online shops. Online sale is not the sole reason for this growing trend. Electronic smoking device called electronic cigarette, e-cigarette, or e-cigaret in short is the better form of smoking compared to regular smoking that emits smoke. Every smoker understands that smoking is injurious to health. Governments and health authorities issue warnings and cautions against cigarette smoking so that people become conscious to avoid cigarette smoking. The warnings make no effect on smokers. What warnings can’t do can possibly be done by e-cigaretter.

Ecigaret Land

Is e-cigarette a smoking quitting tool?

The question is whether electronic cigarette smoking will be able to serve the purpose of smoking quitting tool by complete elimination of conventional smoking. The population-based study has recently been conducted in Sweden and published in a scientific journal that outcome of which provides that e-cigarettes are not effective tools that can be used to quit smoking. However, e-cigarettes are good to change taste of smokers and switch over from one form of smoking to another form. The sales of e-cigarettes have grown to a great extent undoubtedly in the past decade taking e-cigarette industry to a new height. This industry is a billion-dollar industry in contemporary time but tobacco use is still prevailing.

Is cigarette addiction avoidable?

Ecigaret Land in electronic smoking device can eliminate the harmful effects of smoke in regular smoking but can’t change taste of regular smokers. Nicotine is an addictions and retraction to some addiction is not an easy effort. There must be willingness to quit smoking, but many smokers are neither able to quit smoking nor have willingness in switching over to some other taste. Large number of chain smokers face serious negative effects of regular cigarette smoking in the form of deteriorating respiratory health, and lung cancer, but they fail to quit smoking in their lifetime. This is a clear example why electronic smoking is not successful tool that can be applied to quit smoking.