Do You Know About The Revolutionary World Of Pokémon Roms? Go On

Are you a 90’s kid? Do you miss the Game boy and the adventurous games we used to play during that time? Those revolutionary games marked the beginning of gaming world back then. But, that one game that really plunged into my life was pokemon, starting from its red and green version to the latest pokemon go. If you are a hard-core fan of pokemon just like I am, then I would suggest you to just read further.

Bring back the nostalgia

Well, all thanks to technology we can again start playing pokemon games via pokemon roms and emulators. Now, these roms include a list of numerous games including pokemon fire red roms, pokemon  roms, pokemon black version 2 and many others.

pokemon roms

Explore the fun of pokemon fire red rom

This particular game was launched in 1999 along with pokemon emerald rom. Later, it was re-launched in 2004 and there was no looking back. I guess you all already know about the plot and gameplay of pokemon roms. It’s a very strategic game where you need to plan and plot every move you are about to make given that you will only be having six pokemons initially. The game also has a multiplayer option where the fun doubles.

In case you don’t know how to play it you can always go for the online tutorials before playing.

Some pros and cons of pokemon roms:


  • Many improved graphics
  • Extremely precise animations with a perfect preview of colors.
  • The gameplay of more than 25 hours.
  • More than 100 pokemons with enhanced animations and best quality graphic designing.
  • A very significant area for playing
  • Beautifully-designed locations.


  • The multiplayer mode sometimes lags and can be very irritating.
  • The gameplay might feel repetitive at times.
  • Music could have been more improved.

Overall, this game is a paradise for pokemon rom lovers. If you are a Gameboy lover just like I am, I would suggest you give it one try at least. It’s definitely worth your time.