Detail of Logo Creation Fee with Package Services

Logo is a significant feature of any company. A logo company has to be able to create logo for every genre. Logo has to match the company’s image, idea, product and facilities. LOGOLO is the one which provides you all of these in budget.

ロゴデザイン 料金相場and plans:

ロゴ作成料金 from ¥ 9800 to ¥ 98000. The services based on packages.

  • The package which is staring from ¥9800 will provide only one draft production based on your design data. Delivery will be in JPEG and PDF format.
  • The popular package is semi-order plan. For this package the price is ¥29800. It is based on handwritten manuscript. The most attractive feature of this package is one free cancelation. It provides 2 draft productions and delivers it in JPEG and PDF format.
  • The most expensive package is full order plan based on only request and instruction. In this package they construct 3 to 5 draft of logos. Requesting of calligraphy will cost extra charges.


Other services andロゴ制作 値段:

Charges on the extra services if required or requested is as follows:

  • In any package 2 corrections is free but for third one the charges is ¥3000.
  • If another layout or design required then it will cost ¥4000 to ¥8000 depending of difficulties and creativity.
  • For creating a web icon the charge is ¥3000.
  • For moving logo or movie logo, the range is ¥60000 to ¥120000. It is the most expensive service among others. It consists story generating to drafting to video production of logo design.

¥60000 provides up to three corrections and ¥120000 provides unlimited correction of video or moving logo.

Special facilities:

LOGOLO has tied up with ASOBO DESIGN and PACK LOBO to provide the promotion facilities to their clients. It create package with logo, incorporate the logo in business cards, envelopes, leaflets, notebooks etc.

Value your money and create a perfect logo with trustworthy company. After all logo is the face and it should be beautiful and attractive.