Abaya & Purpose of Wearing This Dress in Muslim Culture

The abaya is referred to Muslim women’s dress which is in the form of a full-length, sleeveless outer garment or clock. This name has Arabic origin, sometimes called aba also, and is used for a robe-like dress which is a simple, loose over-garment worn by Muslim women in some countries and also in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. The Muslim women in Malaysia and Indonesia wear kebaya, a differently named dress but this name was originated from abaya.

Origin of abaya tradition

The tradition of wearing this dress by women is in the roots of Islam culture from old times. Some orthodox Muslims refer to Quranic quote which asks the prophet to make his wives and daughters cover themselves with a loose garment to argument in favor of wearing this dress by females. They validate this quote by a reason that Islam doesn’t allow females to expose their body to males unrelated to them in marriage or blood relations.

Abaya wearing styles

This dress has been designed to cover the whole body except the head, feet, and hands because in orthodox Muslim culture, females are not allowed to expose any part of their body to males in home and public place. This dress can be worn with the niqab or burqa in which face is also covered except eyes. Traditionally, this dress is black in color and is called black abaya. Some women also like to wear black gloves with this dress to cover their hands also.

Where to buy abaya

This dress is very popular in Muslim countries and is available in non-Muslim countries also where substantial number of Muslims reside. You can also buy abaya online on many online stores that specialize in a variety of this dress in many different designs and styles that are sometimes different from traditional pattern.