6 Ailments that Happens due to Obesity

Obesity has been regarded as an epidemic in the recent years. It is a disease that can call in a host of other diseases to our body. Doctors are constantly trying to warn us against the harmful nature of the extra fat in our body. You may read about them in details at websites like emagre cendo.

Some of the diseases caused by Obesity:  

  • Diabetes has to lead the list because of its rampant spread across the world. Type 2 Diabetes has been linked to being obesity and lifestyle based disease.
  • High Blood Pressure is another ailment caused due to the extra weight of your body. The volume of the blood increases which causes the pressure to rise.


  • Heart diseases are also common in obese patients. Their arteries can have serious blockages which may need surgeries. Obese people are also much more prone to heart diseases irrespective of their age.
  • Infertility is also a leading problem in obese patients. Several women lose the ability to have babies. Men may also have a lower sperm count if they are overweight or obese.
  • Back pain and leg pain also can be seen in obese patients. This is mainly due to the fact that the skeleton system has to bear a higher amount of weight than it is meant for.
  • Sexual problems can also be seen in both genders if they are overweight. Male can face erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Females may face pain and discomfort during sexual activities.

How to counter these health issues?  

The only way to counter these issues is by motivating ourselves to lose weight. Exercise and healthy diet is the easiest way to battle the problem of obesity. It is seen that if an obese person starts losing the excess weight, they will definitely have a better life and also the risk to have these diseases decreases drastically. Web sites such as https://emagrecendo.info focus on the importance of having a better life.