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Ursula Rozum - The Green Party candidate for New York’s 24th Congressional District

For a Green New Deal of economic security, environmental sanity, and real democracy!

  • An Economic Bill of Rights - Full employment with the government as employer of last resort
  • Medicare for All - A single payer healthcare system that cuts out corporate profits
  • Stop Climate Change Now - A zero carbon America by 2025
  • Tax the Rich
  • End the Wars
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  • Money Out of Politics

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What is the Green New Deal?

Every adult who is willing and able should have the right to work. Therefore Ursula is calling for Jobs for All through a massive public works and public service program like the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of the 1930s - locally planned by cities and counties. The program could create 25 million new jobs at good union wages. The new jobs will go to meeting the needs of the 99%, including education, healthcare, housing, mass transit, and clean energy. The program will largely pay for itself by reducing safety net costs, stimulating tax revenues, and building the green infrastructure we desperately need for a sustainable prosperity.


It’s time for Congress to get serious and to take action to address climate change – we need to get off fossil fuels and support the transition to a clean, renewable energy economy ASAP. Congress can start by setting a national policy goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. That's the carbon reduction we need in order to keep global warming to no more than 2 degree Celsius, which is considered the tipping point towards runaway climate change, according to recent projections by climate scientists. The Republicans deny climate change and the Democrats don't have the courage to do anything about it. We must end federal subsidies and loan guarantees to the fossil fuel and nuclear industries – it’s time to ban fracking, stop mountain top removal, stop arctic and deep water drilling, and stop strip mining the tar sands. It’s time to invest in climate jobs now with the Green New Deal.



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What Else Does Ursula Stand For?

Peace NOW! Bring the troop home, 50% cuts in military spending, end the War on Drugs

Fundamentally changing our foreign policy begins with bringing troops home from Afghanistan. Then, ending military aid to repressive regimes and favored terrorist groups, and immediately ending drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen. Drone strikes, which kill civilians at an alarming rate, generate ill-will against the US and we are already seeing the blowback aimed at US military personnel in Afghanistan. US military spending is at its highest level since World War II. Yet we can barely afford to adequately fund public education. The US accounts for about half of all military spending on the planet, over $1 trillion per year. We could cut spending on the military-industrial complex by 50% and the US would still spend three more times more than the next largest military spender, China. That $500 billion in savings could be spent putting Americans back to working meeting our need for a 21st century green energy, water, sewer, and transportation infrastructure. Peace doesn’t just mean ending overseas wars. We need to end the War on Drugs, which has been destroying our urban communities since the 1980s. This war has been waged almost exclusively in poor communities of color, even though studies consistently show that people of all colors use and sell illegal drugs at remarkably similar rates. High incarceration rates have effectively disenfranchised a significant population of US citizens. Ursula will advocate for marijuana legalization and treating drug use as a social and health problem.

Medicare for All

The United States is the only developed country that does not guarantee health care for all of its citizens. In 2008, so many people supported the Obama campaign, believing the President would deliver health care. Instead, through the Affordable Care Act, he’s given insurance companies greater control over the health care system than ever before. Health care is a human right and should be treated as such. An expanded Medicare for all system is not only humane, it is fiscally responsible. Medicare has 3% overhead costs compared to 30% for private insurance.

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Recent news...

Rozum Gives Donations from Wealthy Buerkle Donors to Charity

Renews Her Call for Electoral Reforms to “end the buying and gaming of elections”

Syracuse, NY – Ursula Rozum, the Green Party candidate for Congress, held a new conference in the south side office of the Green Party today to announce that she is giving to charitable organizations $4250 in unsolicited contributions from a wealthy family with a record of large donations to her Republican opponent Ann Marie Buerkle. Rozum said she will give the money to organizations devoted to community service in Syracuse and to reforming the electoral system.

Ursula Rozum pans Bill Clinton before today's visit to Syracuse

Former President Clinton represents exactly why I am running as a progressive alternative to Dan Maffei, a conservative corporate-financed New Democrat like President Clinton was. These self-styled New Democrats have not rejected the extremely conservative policies of the Newt Gingriches and Anne Marie Buerkles of the Republican Right. They have only offered more moderate versions of these same conservative policies.

Rozum Releases Position Paper on “Fiscal Cliff”

Syracuse, New York – Ursula Rozum, the Green candidate for Congress in New York's 24th district, today released her position paper on the pending “fiscal cliff,” over $600 billion a year in tax increases and spending cuts slated to go into effect at the end of the year if Congress does not act to change them. While the lame duck session of Congress after the November election is expected to address these issues to some degree before the next session of Congress is seated, it is widely expected that the next Congress will have to continue to address these issues.

In releasing her position paper, Rozum made the following statement:

The fiscal cliff presents us with a choice: either we restore progressive taxation and use the revenues for public spending to stimulate full employment and economic recovery, or we accept austerity with cuts in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and domestic programs in order to balance the budget on the backs of working people.

Rozum Calls for Federal Ban of Fracking -- Green Party's Climate Action Plan Sets Goal of Zero Carbon by 2025

Ursula Rozum, the Green Party candidate for Congress in the 24th district, today called for a federal ban on fracking. She also reiterated her pledge to introduce climate action legislation in Congress to establish national goal of a carbon-free economy by 2025, which is the centerpiece of the national Green Party's Climate Action Plan.

Speaking in front of murals on Hawley Avenue in Syracuse depicting clean energy from solar, wind, wave, and geothermal sources, Rozum said, “It is time for the United States to join France and Bulgaria in enacting a national ban on fracking. Fracked gas and oil threaten our water and climate. We have enough gas and oil from conventional sources to see us through a transition to a carbon-free, climate-safe energy system. Instead of investing billions in gas and oil fracking wells and infrastructure, we should be investing that money in clean energy sources.”

Rozum: “End Legalized Bribery, Take Money Out of Politics”

Green candidate calls for Constitutional Amendment to end corporate personhood and regulate campaign finance
Supports Public Funding of Election Campaigns

Ursula Rozum called today for taking the money out of politics through public financing of election campaigns and a constitutional amendment.

Describing recent proposals from Congress, the Democratic Platform, and President Obama for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision “deceptive” and “insufficient,” the Green congressional candidate called for a more sweeping amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would repeal the court-ordered doctrines of “corporate personhood” and “money equals speech.”

Rozum: Solve the Debt Crisis with Student Loan Forgiveness

Ursula Rozum, Green Party candidate for NY’s new 24th Congressional district, said today that Congress should free college tuition to all qualified students at public universities and vocational schools.

The Green Party believes that the right to education needs to be guaranteed to everyone.

Rozum also called for Congress to forgive existing student debt for college and vocational education. And if Congress refuses to guarantee a college education, Rozum said it should at least change federal tuition assistance to students to grants rather than loans.

The Green Party also supports eliminating the control that the military and corporations exercise over universities through their funding support for "research."

Election Night Statement by Ursula Rozum

Ursula Rozum for Congress

Media Release

For immediate release: Tuesday, November 6, 2012
For more information: Ursula Rozum, 414-7720

Rozum Demands Major Parties “Stop Spoiling Elections”

Joined by the Green Party Mayor of Greenwich, New York, Ursula Rozum today called for instant runoff voting and proportional representation to end spoiled elections where the least preferred candidate wins the office. “I urge Ann Marie Buerkle and Dan Maffei to join me in pledging to support legislation in Congress to enable states to elect their congressional delegations by instant runoff voting or proportional representation,”

Rozum On 9/11/12: Heal America By Bringing Our Troops Home and Rebuilding Our Economy

For immediate release: September 10, 2012
Contact: Ursula Rozum, 315-414-7720

SYRACUSE, NY - Ursula Rozum, the Green Party candidate for Congress in NY’s 24th District, said today that the best way to observe the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks would be to bring our military troops, contractors and drones home from the Middle East and use the savings to invest in rebuilding America.

Feminism is a Key Value

A video in which Ursula talks about why Feminism is one of the Ten Key Values of the Green Party.